Bell House was built in 1902 as home to Dr. & Mrs. E.B. Smith. In 1941, it was bought by Guy Downs Realty & the Armstrong Agency, who transformed the house into an office building.

 The bell, currently in the front yard of Bell House, was made by William Kaye & Co. in Louisville, Kentucky in the mid-1800s. It began as the city fire bell which sat on top of the firehouse in the town square(presently Commonwealth Bank). When the firehouse was remodeled in the 1950s, the bell needed to be moved. Mr. James Hackworth was on the City Council, and he offered to give the bell a home in the front yard of the Armstrong Agency.

 In March of 2007, the house was bought & restored by Robert J. Andriot who then transformed it into the wonderful restaurant it is today.

 The bell now adorns the front yard of the Bell House Restaurant and is rung daily to celebrate the joy of delicious food!